Educational Tours


We have two tour options for Wednesday afternoon. All tours will depart from the Conference Hotel. Drivers are also paying tour participants – mostly from NC A&T.

Horticultural Innovation Tour

Join us for a tour of two innovative plant nurseries to see very different production systems. Automation and efficiency are keys to success that these operations have used to unlock their potential markets. You can bring these themes and other observations back to apply to clients you serve.

Intended Audience: General Agriculture and Horticulture, though all are welcome.

Max Number of Participants: 24

Cost: $60 per person - includes transportation, tour entry, and snacks in transit.

Tour Stop 1: Knox Horticulture -
Knox Horticulture’s production processes make extensive use of automation and computer technology. Knox uses the Eco-friendly EZ-Pot System to significantly reduce the use of traditional plastic pots and save money, while providing customers with plants that have a healthier root system. This results in faster finish times after transplant. Knox Horticulture produces a wide range of finished products for landscapers and area theme parks.
940 Avalon Road
Winter Garden, FL 34787

Tour Stop 2: Agri Starts -
The Agri-Starts tissue culture laboratories have the ability to produce millions of contaminant-free elite plants for all types of markets. The key benefits of tissue culture are consistent quality, juvenile vigor, superior branching, and true-to-type plants at a rapid pace. Quick build-up times allow the company to respond to customers’ needs quickly. Agri-Starts liners are grown in sophisticated, environmentally controlled greenhouses with crop-specific designs to ensure high quality. The greenhouses use ebb and flood irrigation with a harvesting system, which allows for the capture and reuse of water and fertilizer.
1728 Kelly Park Road
Apopka, FL 32712

Food Vision Tour

This tour will showcase two visions of food in Orlando. The Edible Education Experience is situated in a vibrant residential neighborhood and works to connect people and their food sources. The South Street Farm branch of Infinite Zion Farms is part of an incredible movement to build thriving gardens in food deserts. Watch for ways these organizations envision the interaction of people and food in order to discover applications for your local programming.

Intended Audience: Food and Nutrition, Community Gardening and Local Foods, though all are welcome.

Max Number of Participants: 24

Cost: $60 per person - includes transportation, tour entry, and snacks in transit.

Tour Stop 1: Edible Education Experience -
This nonprofit is dedicated to changing people’s lives by connecting them to the pleasure of growing and preparing food, as well as eating and sharing it. As the organization’s website states: "Our vision is food confident communities with life-skills to embrace wholeness.” The edible education experience teaches life skills to a diverse community of students, families, and teachers, enabling them to grow their own food and cook delicious, affordable, nutritious meals. Integrated into each experience are the joy of learning, the benefit of activity, and time to reflect and express gratitude. Edible Education Experience offers a variety of enrichment programs that promote a healthy lifestyle and benefit students, parents, educators, community neighbors, and Central Florida leaders. 
260 East King Street
Orlando, FL 32804

Tour Stop 2: South Street Farms, Infinite Zion Farm -
In 2016, an abandoned garden with 9-foot grass and weeds was transformed through hard work, passion, and vision into the only source of fresh, organic produce in a 10-mile radius. Local residents were able to learn about agriculture and pick and purchase on the spot. Now the project is a thriving urban farm collective offering CSAs, classes and workshops, and ways for neighborhood folks of all ages to experience nature and learn about sustainable agriculture. 
626 W. South Street
Orlando, FL 32805